About Lubin Enterprises

Lubin Enterprises, Inc. is a General Contracting firm that was founded in 1990 by Nathan Lubin.

The company is also an Electrical Contractor, Mechanical, and Utility Contractor in multiple states.

Lubin Enterprises is known for it's ability to accurately bid large scale projects, and more importantly, to manage and implement construction jobs.  Known for its ability to bring jobs in on time and budget has lead Lubin Enterprises into the field of construction management where it has a premier reputation for efficiency in managing all aspects of a project.

The team at Lubin Enterprises works closely with the owners, Architects, Engineers, Financial Managers and other interested parties, to assure a smooth, professional and effective experience.

Headquartered in Memphis, TN, the company manages projects in Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Colorado.

Staff includes IT Management, Estimators, Project Managers, Project Supervisors and support staff.

Lubin Enterprises, Inc. is known for being the company to work with if you want your construction project to be accurately bid, expertly managed and completed on schedule.

Lubin Enterprises, Inc.
2883 S. Mendenhall, Suite 1
Memphis, TN 38115

Fax: 901.685.6129

e-mail: lubentinc@aol.com